Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jacoby is Trying to Crawl

Here is a quick video of Jacoby attempting to crawl.  I taped this a couple weeks ago and he has since upgraded to "Advanced Army Crawler" status.  He still hasn't been able to actually crawl on his knees yet, but I have a feeling he will soon!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jacoby's Surgery

Monday night after school, the three of us traveled up to Indy, hoping to get there before the snow- and we did!  We stayed at a hotel just 3 miles away from the hospital.  Jacoby was wired and didn't go to bed until about 9:30!  Hmmm... I wonder who got him so worked up...  The picture below is what Adam was doing to him.  Yes, that is a shelf Jacoby is sitting on.  He'd slide off, Adam would catch him and put him back up, and then they'd do it all over again.  This reminds me a little of how my dad always acted when we spent the night in a hotel.  :)
We got to the hospital Tuesday morning at about 9:30, got Jacoby back into a room where we dressed him in that cute little hospital gown, and then played the waiting game.  Jacoby hadn't eaten since 2 am, so we were trying everything to keep him busy and happy until the nurse finally took him for his surgery at 11:15.  (It was supposed to be at 10:30)
It was hard to let the nurse take him away, but at least HE wasn't crying- only me!  I don't think I could've handled him crying, too!  The whole surgery lasted about an hour and a half.  The wait was made a little easier by the fact that we were talking with another couple the whole time whose son was in for a very similar surgery.  In fact, there were about 8 little boys having some surgery of this sort there that morning.  That made me feel better knowing that this was so common.  The doctor came and got us when he was all finished and told us that everything went well, but he had to do a lot of work- more than he even expected.  A few minutes later, the nurse brought us back to see Jacoby.  I could hear him screaming as soon as I stepped through the door.  He was totally out of it!  They had just turned off the gas and he woke up immediately.  They said it's usually better if they sleep a little while longer, because then they're not awake for the "delirium" stage.  Well, he was obviously going through this when we got back there... poor boy!  He finally settled down and started acting like himself again.
He got to take home his gas mask as a little souvenir!  He loved chewing on it- it smelled fruity!  Here he is once we got back home and he took some Tylenol with codeine.  I'm sure glad this is all over!