Tuesday, September 22, 2009

4 Months, Rice Cereal, and a Happy Baby!

Jacoby turned 4 months old on Sept. 18th!  He's growing very quickly!  This is his 4 month picture with his elephant.

We started him on rice cereal and he's starting to get the hang of it!  He gets quite messy, though, especially when he sticks his fingers in his mouth full of cereal.

Adam wants to make sure that Jacoby becomes a Red Sox fan at an early age.  I think it's working...

Jacoby likes to play in his jumperoo, but I think I let him play a little too long on this particular day!

I've tried so hard to catch a picture of him smiling big, and I finally got it...

Here's a little video of my baby boy laughing.  His good mood came out of nowhere.  He had been screaming his head off, I picked him up, he spit up all over both of us, I set him down to wipe us both off and then this is what he did...

And lastly, I finally finished the wall art in the nursery- here it is.

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