Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Zoo

This week is my spring break and Adam took some vacation time this week so we could enjoy it all together.  Monday was rainy and gloomy, so we stayed in all day and relaxed.  Tuesday was gorgeous, though, so we took advantage and took Jacoby to the Mesker Park Zoo for the first time.  It was sunny out all day and the temperature was in the 60s= PERFECT!  Jacoby loved it.  I think he really just enjoys being outside, and he definitely likes looking at people, kids in particular, but he also noticed some of the animals.  :)  The first part we went into is called Amazonia.  It's the newest part of our zoo and I've never seen it before.  It's like a rainforest in there!  I thought these weird tailed porcupines were adorable.

This is a Capybara.  It was a lot bigger than I thought it'd be.
Jacoby's checking out the turtle.
We thought this looked like a flamingo, but when it turned around, it's bill was like a platypus.
So my boys weren't being very cooperative with the picture taking.  Adam bit his lip in the first one and Jacoby was mid-blink in the next.  Oh well.

He's looking at fish- they were huge!
Jacoby's ride.
I was so excited that the giraffes were so close!

These monkeys were hilarious.  Jacoby was yelling at them.
Can you see the black bird with the yellow beak standing next to the fence?
Juice break!
These birdies were just out in the open!
Adorable sea otters!!
The prairie dog posed for me.
Jacoby had a shouting match with the peacocks.

So, the zoo was fun.  I think we'll be visiting it again this summer!
Here are some other pictures from March and late February, since I haven't posted anything in a while.  Jacoby had his first Valentine's Day, but he was sick that day.  I stayed home with him from church, then after church, Grandma and Grandpa came over and Jacoby got to open his valentines.

So excited!

Which do you think he liked better, Elmo or the tissue paper?

Umm, not a great picture, but it's the only family picture we got that day.
Jacoby got an alligator that rolls from Grandma and Grandpa.
Elmo is reading the card with Jacoby.  This Elmo blows kisses and says things like, "You're Elmo's sweetheart."  I thought he was appropriate for Valentine's Day.
Jacoby turned 9 months old in February.

He learned to pull up and stand.  The first time he did this, I found him standing in his crib when he woke up.

He also started to "snuggle" things that are soft.  Here he is snuggling his pony.

Since he was sick on V-day, he didn't get to wear his V-day shirt, so I made sure to take some pictures of him in it later.

We obviously need to invest in some gates since he can now climb the stairs.  In the meantime, though, these doors contain him in the living room pretty well.  He likes to press his nose and mouth against the windows.  I'm obviously going to have to clean these a little more often now.

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