Saturday, September 11, 2010


Since I've been a total slacker and didn't post anything ALL summer, I figured I better give a brief overview of our summer before I move to now.  Adam's dad worked so hard on our bathroom when they came to visit at the end of May.  Jacoby LOVES his new bathtub!  We were so lucky to have him to do that for us!

In June, we went to Wisconsin with my parents and Matt, Victoria, and Elaina.  Elaina and Jacoby had lots of fun together!  We had to work really hard to get them to look at the camera at the same time.

This is the best game ever created by Grandpa.  He entertained the kiddos for a long time with these bowling pins!
Our family!
In July, we went out east to visit Adam's family.  First, we all went camping in Maine.  Jacoby had fun hanging out with his cousins out there.
Jacoby loved playing with Mammy- especially when she fed him.  :)

I actually enjoyed not having to do my makeup or hair for a few days!

Jacoby got his very own camping chair.

He also went on many wagon rides with his cousins.

Jacoby loves his Pappy!

We spent just about a day and a half at Adam's parents' house before flying back home.  Jacoby played in their backyard a bunch.

We worked really hard to get this picture!  It's Jacoby with all of his Silva cousins: Abby, Jonah, Hannah, and Noah.

Before the summer ended, we took Jacoby to get his first haircut.  He did such a good job and loved playing in the little Jeep while the nice lady cut his hair.  I was shocked that he did so well!  Unfortunately, I don't have an after picture because the battery in my camera went dead after just a couple shots.  :(

Here is Jacoby snuggling with his big teddy and watching Sunday morning cartoons.  You can kind of see his fresh haircut here.

He finally left his baseball cap on for a few minutes.
Just as school was starting, Matt, Victoria, and Elaina came out for another visit.  This time Jacoby was walking really well, so they got to run around together.  It was fun watching them give each other hugs and kisses.

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