Monday, August 24, 2009

Jacoby is 3 Months Old!

Jacoby turned 3 months old on August 18th.  I haven't taken him in to get his professional 3 month pictures yet (hopefully we'll do that sometime this week), but I took my monthly picture of him next to his elephant.  It's amazing how quickly he is growing.  I included his 1 month picture right after the first one so you can see the difference.  (Notice also how much less hair he has now than he did 2 months ago!)

Jacoby is enjoying his jumperoo now.  He loves staring at the toucan hanging above his head and playing with a noisy ball.  He actually reaches out and touches the ball!

Another cute thing that Jacoby has started doing lately is putting his arms up behind his head.  When he eats, he almost always has one arm up touching the back of his head.  When he sleeps or is getting sleepy they go up as well, but he even likes at least one arm up if he's just laying around.  Here's a picture I caught of him doing this on the floor.
Adam and I picked out this hat for Jacoby before he was born and I just couldn't wait to try it out on him.  It's a little big, but I think he looks pretty cute!
This last picture is of Jacoby with his dino-pal and matching pjs.  The dinosaur has a crazy laugh when you squeeze him and Jacoby was making the funniest faces, but I couldn't quite catch them on camera.  You may be seeing some pictures in the near future of Jacoby wearing a dinosaur costume!!! :)
This past week was Adam's first week away at the police academy.  Jacoby and I did pretty well here by ourselves, but we sure did miss Adam!  There were a couple of late nights, but we made up for it by napping during the day.  We also checked out our new snazzy Newburgh Walmart that opened this week.  Adam is leaving at around 3 am on Monday to go back to the academy for week 2 of his 16 week training.  I'm hoping this week goes by as quickly as last week did!  Maybe I'll work on getting some videos on here this week. 

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